Tuesday, 6 February 2007

This is a test

Hello. I know the world doesn’t need another
blogger. (Discuss.)
Will I like it? Does anyone
care? Fortunately I’ll never know if you don’t
return. But if you do, leave a note to let me
know you were here.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading the Blog. Keep it up!

Valmae said...

Love it, Ani!

Unknown said...

Another sure hit Ani. Simple events take on life when you recount them. Keep blogging, I'm reading.

Anonymous said...

It was great reading this. It was just like spending an afternoon chatting with a cup of tea. We miss you both.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ani

Great to see you've joined the throngs of bloggers. If it gets too much, do what we do and get someone else to update yours (Thanks Meg!!)

Great to read all your news!


Anonymous said...


how come you didn't think of this sooner.......it is a great idea and I always love reading your stories.


Anonymous said...

Looking good! I didn't read the whole thing but I've got some stuff to do. I'll eventually read it all. Don't worry!

ur favorite niece,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ani,

Love the Blog. It's a great
tool for communicating with the young and young at heart.

The Easter pictures were terrific!


Anonymous said...

I cant honestly say i know you,
you have skill.
i especially enjoyed the one on tommy tucker and his allotments.

Anonymous said...

I really cant say that i know you
but i really liked the blog about tommy tucker.
I live in the coppice and my street is clover court and its very nice there.
i think that i have seen you in the allotments,whenever i walk past all of the chickens start screeching and the geese start to scream,well anyway keep up the good blog ! its fantastic!